Out of curiosity, have you ever thought
                             about asking questions first and then
                             shooting?  Just food for thought, as I
                            don’t appreciate holes in my abdomen.

          —Not like the bullet actually injured her when it passed through her figure.
             She just felt like being a bit dramatic since the man had shot so quickly.

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"Are you satisfied? He’s dead now.” Raw anger surged in Elizabeth’s voice as she fought away the tears threatening to spill from her eyes. She knew so much now, but what was knowing worth when you were alone? “What am I supposed to do?” Even with all the knowledge unlocked in her mind, she still couldn’t find a place for herself in the world. She was an anomaly. Elizabeth should have ceased to exist along with her counterparts, but she hadn’t, and now she was stuck in a world with no place for her.



          Rosalind turns her gaze away from the crystalline oceans set in Elizabeth’s
          face, stormy with emotions that the physicist is certain the poor girl has
          never felt before Dewitt’s appearance in her life.  Briefly, the red head has
          some long-buried maternal instinct to reach out and pat Elizabeth’s shoulder,
          a sort of gesture that she would hope could bring some solace to the girl, but
          it’s cast aside as quickly as it comes.  Instead, Rosalind folds her hands in front
          of her torso, finally meeting the gaze that threatens to burn her to her very core.
          If she wasn’t already technically dead, she’d be concerned that Elizabeth’s glare
          would turn her to ash.  She was probably right to be concerned about it, though.

                          We never did this to be satisfied.  We set
                             these things in motion to rectify what we
                             had done to you.  My brother’s conscience
                             weighs heavily on both our back, you see.
                             However, I cannot tell you what you should
                             go on to do now simply because you of all
                             people should know that there really are a
                             million, million options from which to select.



      “That depends —
                      Is there anyone to dance with?”


                          I wasn’t aware it was so important to
                            have a dance partner, my lady.  If you’d
                            like, I suppose I could be your partner
                            for the time being.  After all, the piano
                            really does play itself rather beautifully.

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I’m sincerely curious as to whether or not people actually make it to Rosalind’s dossier page, or if they give up by page 2—


                          Would you care to hear a waltz?


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                          I take it you aren’t very good with options, are you?

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"Are you saying I can’t tap into this tower’s power supply, or I won’t?”


                          “ I’m simply suggesting that you might
        want to rethink that course of action.