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Cute fluff because yes


                                   So don’t be an asshole
                                   and pretend you’re the
                                   only one who’s lost people!

     ✗indie clementine roleplay set in season two since 11/22/13
     ✗but will rp season one since im multiverse
     ✗will not promise that you won’t get heartbroken
     ✗lots of angst yay
     ✗icon chats, one liners, script, novella, para, you name it i do it
     ✗clem is a fruit ok dont be scared
     ✗nsfw in terms of: violence, language, g o r e

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i did a quick doodle of jasmine jolene to chill out, and i wish i’d done a little more shading buuuut it’s too late now.


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i always have so much fun doodling the greatness that is Rosalind Lutece



                           No.  No.  Definitely not… 

          A sigh, followed by the crossing of arms, is all
          Rosalind needs to express her displeasure.
          She’d been looking at images of criminals
          for what seemed like two full hours by this
          point, and not a single one of them was the
          one who’d broken into her lab.  He hadn’t
          even stolen anything irreplaceable—some
          old notes she’d exchanged with Brigid on
          ADAM, a few flasks, one of her favorite books
          about eugenics—it was all material of little
          importance, and yet here Benny was, flashing
          pictures with a disgruntled look that matched
          Rosalind’s perfectly, she imagined.  They were
          both sick of this process, but it was “necessary.”

                           I’m telling you, Detective,
                             I’d never even seen him
                             down here before.  He
                             has to have recently
                             arrived in the city. 



                           Please, I’m truly not interested in
                             this silly civil war of yours, sir.  My
                             loyalties lie in my work; don’t ask
                             me to take sides in this disaster. 

          Goggles are removed to reveal an irritated glimmer in
          the woman’s blue eyes, her mouth tightening just so,
          betraying her feelings on the subject.  She’s been with
          Ryan too long for him to doubt her—or so she thought.
          Paranoia is a powerful force to be reckoned with, though.



                           No, that isn’t right.  Here, give
                             it to me so I can correct that. 

          Holding out her hand expectantly, the younger of
          the Lutece twins knits her brow together as she
          tries to distinguish where the tiny experiment had
          gone awry.  The magnet was still in place, and the
          liquid nitrogen had done its job, and yet… nothing.

                           … Perhaps the magnet just
                             isn’t strong enough.  Do we
                             have a better one, Robert? 



          There’s a harsh snap that fills the room as Rosalind
          shuts the book she’d been trying to read, her page
          carefully dog-eared.  After the third time trying to read
          one single sentence, she figured she wasn’t going
          to get very far with Silas present in her laboratory.

                           You have succeeded in gaining
                              my attention, Silas.  You might
                              as well take advantage of that.